Course Syllabus

• The Pharmacy Technician
• The History of Pharmacy
• Human Anatomy
• The Blood-Brain Barrier
• Respiratory Review
• Circulatory System
• Nervous System
• Digestive System
• Reproductive System
• Urinary System
• The Ear and Eye
• Integumentary (Skin) System
• The Muscular System
• Virus Review
• Drug Category Overview
• Drug Scheduling
• Dosage Forms & Routes of    Administration
• Basic Pharmacology - I
• Basic Pharmacology - II
• Basic Pharmacology - III
• Psychotropic Drug Treatment
• Patient Payment Methods
• The Drug Order
• Drug Distribution
• Biotransformation of Drugs
• Distribution and Dispensing Review
• Sending Drugs Back
• Nutrition
• Pathological Conditions
• Major Functions of Cells Mediating Immune    Responses
• Measurement Equivalents
• The Patient Profile
• Introduction to Pharmacokinetics
• Pharmacy Math
• Pharmacy Math - Compounding Calculations
• Conversions and Calculations
• Mathematical/Pharmaceutical Calculations
• Drug Class Review
• Aseptic Technique
• Pharmacy Law
• Prescription to OTC Reclassification
• Pharmacy Administration
• A Day in a Hospital Pharmacy
• Drug Class Review
Top 200 Drugs
• Acronyms and Abbreviations
• Research Assignments
• Final Exam
Practice Exam
• Resume and Interview Tips

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Are there any books needed to complete the course?

Yes, a workbook is required to complete the course, and is included with your tuition. An exam-prep CD-Rom which simulates the PTCB exam is also included.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course takes the average student between two and three months to complete. Variables such as a candidate's available time for study, work habits, level of self-discipline, previously acquired base of knowledge, and willingness to succeed are all factors that may impact one's time to completion. Some of our graduates have completed the course successfully in less than a month - and passed the PTCB* exam!

When would I be able to enroll?

Since the program is self-paced and overseen by a body of professionals, enrollment can occur at any time; you are in complete control of your schooling - from the time you start to the time you finish. There are hundreds of students enrolled, each of them at a different point in the program.

Are there any other fees aside from the tuition cost?

No, there are no other fees collected by Virtual Institute. Upon registration with the PTCB* and reservation of your seat for the exam, you will incur a fee of $129 to be paid to the PTCB*, not to the institute.

What are the requirements for successful completion of the program?

Instructors are accessible to students through email and will prescribe assignments, (i.e., reports, essays, etc.) that will be completed by students using Microsoft Word or other text editing program. Students will then email the assignment back to their instructor within the prescribed time frame for grading by the instructor.

Each student who reviews each part of the courseware, completes and passed each of the quizes and exams, and satisfactorily completes all written assignments will be issued a Certificate of Completion from Virtual Institute of Pharmacy. The certificate will be sent to the student via conventional mail.

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